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Some Necessary News

Posted by HunterBlackbrick on April 27, 2017 at 8:50 PM
Greetings everyone, For those who were not part of the conversation held earlier today on Discord, I have some news. It was decided today that I will be closing down the LegoUni-Craft server after the current term runs out on June 13th. Before you start panicking; I will be releasing the current and previous worlds for your to download at your leisure (These will not include the LEGO Universe worlds, although those may still come later) As the term ends on June 13th, you will have until then to continue as you normally would. I will be saving the server files as close to that date as I can so as not to lose any progress you have made. This decision has come after a little longer than a year of the server being back up after its last closure during 2015, and was a very thought through decision. While I enjoy running the server, the lack of staff, players, and interest from others has led me to realize that it is not in my best interest to keep the server running empty. In the future, I may sporadically host the server from my own computer for a group experience, but as of now I have no plans to bring it back as a dedicated 24/7 server with a set IP address. I plan on still working on LUC properties, such as the resource packs and maps, so don't think of the project as over. I do wish that interest had picked up for the server and project, but unfortunately the only offers I received were not followed through by those who promised to help. The website, Skype, Discord, etc will remain active and available, and I encourage anyone interested in staying in touch with friends from the community to join the Discord chat. I hope you all understand this decision was not easily made, and I do hope to continue to the project in what ways I can outside the server. Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from you all! -Hunter

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